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Web Hosting: Top Reasons to Go Green

Green web hosting is a new concept that is becoming increasingly popular. In essence, this technology entails the use of web hosting resources that do not degrade the environment, which is important because the world's natural ecosystems are under threat. You can play a part in reducing environmental degradation by choosing a green web host for your site.

Benefits of Green Web Hosting  

• Protect the environment

By choosing a green host, you will help protect the environment from degradation. According to the United Nations Environment Program, the world has already lost more than 80% of its original forests. At the same time, between five and 10% of tree species found in tropical forests become extinct every 10 years. Human beings are ruining the environment in their quest to mine minerals and generate more electricity and this is not infinitely sustainable. 

The good news is green hosts use environmentally friendly resources such as renewable energy to power their data centers and serves. For example, a web host could operate a solar powered business, which reduces the generation of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO4), and nitrous oxide (NOX). Currently, most of the electricity used to power data centers and servers that run the world's websites comes from non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. 

• Reputation

Most people have realized that environmental pollution and degradation is a serious problem. As a result, more and more are increasingly demanding green services and products from businesses. Choosing a green host will improve your reputation and credibility among clients that care about the environment. In fact, you can use this aspect to promote your business.

• Reduce operational costs

ou can reduce your business's operational costs by using green web hosting solutions. For instance, in the United States, businesses that switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy are eligible for a raft of financial incentives. Some of the organizations that run renewable energy incentive programs include the US Environmental Protection Agency Grants Office and the US Department of Energy's Inventions and Innovation (I&I). You can get a more comprehensive list of available renewable energy incentives from the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE). Some of the available financial incentives run into thousands of dollars. These can reduce a small business's operational costs significantly. 

Tips for Choosing a Green Web Host 

Green Certification

Go for a hosting company that has green certification. For instance, hosts who have the Green E label must adhere to strict environmental protection guidelines. This label should be on the host's website. Other organizations that offer green certification include the Green Business Bureau and Green Star Certified. If the host you are eyeing does not have green certification, take your business elsewhere.


Of course, your web host should provide reliable services. Visitors to your site are likely to flee if they experience problems such as slow webpage upload speeds and constant downtimes. At the end of the day, web users want access to information.

Types of Green Web Hosting Solutions

There are various types of green web hosting solution available on the market today. These include shared, dedicated, and fully managed. If you run a single website for a small business that does not receive a lot of traffic, shared hosting will do just fine. However, a large online retail business is likely to require a dedicated hosting solution that will enable the business to operate efficiently.  


Choose a hosting company that provides regular backups. This is important because it is impossible for web hosts to achieve 100% uptime. In other words, there will be moments when your website will be inaccessible due to various technical reasons. Whenever this happens, your host should be able to recover and restore your website without loss of content. 

Do Not Fall For the Free Domain Trick

Many web hosts lure clients with the "free domain" gimmick. In most cases, hosting companies offer clients free domain registration but retain "domain name" ownership. Such web hosts normally charge an annual renewal fee for their "free domain names." In most cases, this annual fee is substantially higher than the cost of a conventional domain name. Even worse, in case you want to switch to a different web host, you would have to buy your domain back from such a web host.

All in all, you can protect the environment and at the same time offset your business's carbon footprint by choosing a green web hosting solution. Some of the vital factors to consider when choosing green web hosting include reliability, type of hosting, and green certification when choosing a web host. To learn about webhosting coupon codes, visit: