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GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy Web Hosting
is one of the larger web hosting domain registrars available. The service provides upwards of forty five million domain names, and the number is steadily rising. Additionally, they contain domain searching features that many users may find favorable, including an option to put a domain that is currently unavailable on back order. Domain auctions are a frequent occurrence as well, and because of the size of the services provided, many may find that the GoDaddy webhosting experience is less personal than smaller registrars.

Hosting Packages Available 

The web hosting service contains all of the features that a customer may need, including an email, blogging function, and backup database. While all of these features come with a basic package, there are others that come with larger subscriptions. Some of those that come with monthly fees include shopping cart software and other inventory managing features. Further fees can be paid to increase the space that comes available with all related software. 

Similarly, the email and database space is also capped and can be raised with the appropriate fees. If a customer wants to purchase a domain with unlimited storage limits, then the price will be much higher than many may be willing to pay. For those who are only interested in the bare services, along with the occasional upgrade to suit their needs, many find that their web hosting can be very economical. Not much storage space is offered outside of the standard Economy Plan. Often, most small business websites will not outgrow the ten gigabytes limit, though a deluxe plan is available that offers one hundred and fifty gigabytes of space available for the businesses that will require it. 

Additional Features 

GoDaddy Web Hosting can be a welcome experience for beginners who are interested in getting started. They offer services that help beginners set up their website while offering additional creation tools for more advanced developers. All of the relevant solutions support numerous languages, which include CHI, PHP, ASP, Coldfusion, MySQL, Perl, and FrontPage. 

When it comes to lower priced hosting plans, the services do not provide a lot of marketing tools for the customer to utilize. Instead, these services are offered at a different section of the website if the hoster is interested in utilizing them. Those who plan on marketing their newly created website through the email services will need to pay for larger capabilities once the five thousand emails per year limit has been reached. At an additional charge, SEO tools and search engine optimization utilities can be considered as well, and plans offer site logs and statistic sorting tools. 

User Friendliness and Ease of Accessibility 

Many customers who have made use of the firm's services often praise the registrar for its ease of use. The file managing programs, the domain manager, and the database viewer have been reported as very user friendly, especially for new customers and those who are just getting started with web hosting. While the services offered are very flexible, customers will need to get used to certain setup times where they may apply, such as for the creation of a new database. 

Customer Support Services 

In addition to the user friendly interfaces, the web hosting services features numerous help and support panels, each of which can be accessed at any hour of the day. A frequently asked questions section is available as well, which contains useful information for both new users and those who are more experienced. 

GoDaddy Web Hosting service representatives may be contacted as well via email and phone options. Because of the size of the company, however, personal representative help may take a bit of time. Despite this, many report that the support team is very quick to respond to technical issues, and emails are usually resolved within twenty four hours.

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